TRV-005 Sent to Trinidad

Submersible Systems Inc. TRV-005 has been sent down to Trinidad to undertake FMD work and general Platform Inspections including C.P. readings and Sonar on behalf of EOG. Commencement of the EOG contract is early July 2013. The TRV-005 was selected due to it’s high current handling characteristics, stability and small footprint.

TRV-005 creates yet another First

TRV-005 has just returned to Submersible Systems facility in Patterson after completing 100% of the FMD readings required by EOG, the first time this has ever been accomplished by an ROV. 5 Platforms in Trinidad were Inspected, working in current exceeding 3 – 4 knots the TRV-005 gained access to all locations, effortlessly.
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