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Since Submersible Systems Inc. debuted the 1000m rated TRV-005 at Underwater Intervention in March 2009, the Prototype 550lb TRV-005 has logged over 1000 hours of flawless dive time in various scenarios including, but not limited to, working in measured currents of 3.8 knots in Trinidad and depths down to 817’ in the GOM. SSI has now completed two TRV-005 Systems, and, due to the success and performance of the TRV-005 vehicles, SSI constructed the next scheduled vehicle to be included in the TRV Family, the 1000m rated TRV-M.

Completed in March 2010, the Dual 4 Function Manipulator variant of the TRV-005 the TRV-M has proven itself to be an extremely competent, stable and rugged vehicle having undertaken ‘live boat’ dives in Loop Currents to depths of 1700’ in the GOM including the installation of 85 ton shackles onto Subsea Buoys in the North East USA. The 750lb TRV-M is a serious, true light Workclass vehicle that led to the development of the next logical step in SSI vehicles, the 1000m rated TRV-HD. Completed in September 2010, the Dual 5 Function Manipulator TRV-HD had to be very close to a Full Workclass System, but without the large footprint or lengthy Mob times normally associated with this type of vehicle.

The 1200lb TRV-HD was initially designed to undertake specific tasks for a certain client in the North East USA. It has now been enhanced even further by including an onboard 10.5gpm @3000psi Hydraulic Power Pack with high flow 4 station Servo Valve Pack. This ‘Hybrid’ TRV-HD System has a total of 7 x Thrusters, 5 x Magnetically Coupled Electric Brushless Thrusters and 2 x 175lb Thrust Hydraulic Thrusters which has created the most powerful ROV in it’s class.

The TRV-HD can now run Workclass vehicle Tooling and has a realistic 300 lb payload. The small size of the TRV-HD allows access to areas where the large Workclass vehicles are prohibited from entering.

When the TRV-HD is working in conjunction with divers, the system allows them to simply plug their hydraulic tooling into the TRV-HD without the need of surface supplied hydraulic hoses or HPU (saving deck space). The TRV-HD can be positioned wherever the diver requires hydraulic power: needless to say, the TRV-HD can be orientated to provide illumination and allow the diving supervisor to monitor the worksite. The TRV-HD also increases the margin of safety by minimizing the chance of injury by having lighter mass and smaller Thrusters than a conventional Workclass vehicle.

All standard TRV Systems are fitted with 4 color cameras, 5 dimmable LED lights, MS1000 sonar, CP capability, altimeter, auto depth, heading and altitude and can be fully operational within 4 hours of being on site.

The TRV Systems are all designed to minimize down time. Included with the TRV systems are complete telemetry, power and capacitor cans, spare thruster and LED light. They are modular, and, accordingly, require minimal debugging of a potential problem in the field–the suspect module is simply replaced with the spare. The suspected faulty module is then sent to SSI for test / repair while a fully operational replacement module is sent by SSI to site immediately. There are no field serviceable parts.

With 40+ years of actual ROV experience, Wolfgang Burnside, the owner of SSI envisioned a concept to attempt in making life easier for the ROV operators offshore, he still remembers the early days of countless days and nights attempting to debug and repair problems on ROV’s offshore. Now, TRV systems offer 45 minutes maximum downtime, a massive advantage when engaged in a high demand offshore project. SSI intends to construct another TRV-M and TRV-HD to support SSI projected offshore operations., This will total 6 TRV systems available to meet all Clients requirements from inspections (TRV-005) to construction (TRV-M, TRV-HD) and drill support (TRVHD).

SSI is also diversifying into other areas, namely:
1) Sales of TRV systems either to standard SSI spec or client spec.
2) Advanced 10 day ROV pilot raining courses

TRV Sales
TRV Systems have been fully tested by SSI in the offshore environment since March 2009 and have performed flawlessly. SSI delayed sales of the TRV systems until they had been thoroughly proven in as many offshore situations as possible and that the design and reliability had been established.

SSI differs from other ROV Manufacturers in that:
1) Any potential TRV system sales will only be to accredited, established ROV companies or to individuals that have the proven experience to operate these systems offshore..
2) 24/7 technical support and operations support is provided.
3) Complete inventory of spares available to ship overnight.

LARS and side entry TMS available
Advanced 10 day Pilot Training Course

The advanced 10 day ROV Pilot Training Course allows 12 students to experience first hand at what it’s like to operate a TRV-005 for 8 days offshore and simultaneously gain the knowledge required to pursue a career in ROVs.

• Known the world over, Lead Instructor, Wolfgang Burnside, owner and President of SSI has decades of offshore experience and will guide the students personally, sharing his knowledge and experience,.
• Two TRV-005 systems will be mobilized on board a training vessel and students will participate in the “load out” at SSI’s facility and mobilization of the dual TRV-005 systems.
• Students will be allocated bunks on the raining vessel and work 12 hour shifts–6 students on day shift and 6 students on night shift.
• On day 4 of the course students will swap shifts, providing a genuine offshore work pattern.
• Each student receives 32 hours of ‘flying’ instruction, data recording and tether management. Students will have one instructor per system, per shift..
• Two locations will be visited during the course. Location one– a platform in 350fsw and location two– a Platform in 1000fsw.
• Students will become competent in structural inspection procedures, understanding the terminology, orientation of the structure, calibration of CP half cell, correctly establishing a ground on the structure, video suite recordings with audio, pre and post dive checks on the vehicles, maintenance procedures, launch and recovery, tether management etc.
• A pre-requisite of the course is that students must have successfully completed an established Introductory ROV course such as offered by The Underwater Centre in Fort William, Scotland.
• Upon completion of the Advanced 10 day Pilot Training Course, the student will become an asset for any ROV inspection team worldwide.

• For additional specifications / information on the TRV Series of vehicles or ROV Training Course visit:
• Or contact Wolfgang Burnside directly at 985-395-0999

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