TRV Spares

Totally Modular Design: Included in the TRV base price are spare modular components for rapid change out should they ever be needed. For hostile environments, remote or offshore jobsites, we offer additional spare modules. Spares can be shipped overnight worldwide 24/7 to our valued clients. Note: SSI TRV sub-components never need to be opened onsite; there are no maintenance requirements – just exchange the module and go back to work!


Power Can – 20 Amps @24 Vdc available (aux) with anodized MSAJ aluminum shell connectors
 Valve Pack – 4 Function with Swagelock stainless steel braided hoses and fittings
 Telemetry Can – proprietary, upgradeable Telemetry system with anodized MSAJ aluminum shell connectors
 Custom LED High Power Lights 
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