July / Sept 2011
For what has been an exceptionally busy few months, SSI has jumped from one job to another, utilizing both TRV-005’s, TRV-M and the TRV-HD. Looks as though the word is really getting out about the TRV performance and reliabilty. The worked included Platform Installations, Target Recoveries for the Navy, Tendon Inspections, general Platform Inspections and Surveys.

April / May 2011
The TRV-005 and TRV-M have been mobilized to conduct Platform Inspections (Level II) through out the Gulf of Mexico, upon completion the TRV Systems will be redirected to undertake various Wellhead Surveys for the same Client.

Feb 2011

SSI is proud to announce that Montco Offshore, Inc., based in Galliano and Houston, have placed an order for a TRV-M System complete with Stainless Steel Tether Winch and 8500 Series Knuckleboom Crane.This new TRV-M System will be built into the new L/B Robert which is due to be launched later this year. We welcome Montco Offshore, Inc. as the newest member to the SSI TRV family.

The SSI TRV-M, working in conjunction with Phoenix International, have just returned after successfully recovering a Target in over 1000ft of water.

SSI debuted the new TRV-HD vehicle along with the TRV-005 at UI 2011 Exhibition at New Orleans this year, the visitor response exceeded expectations. With just a 5 minute explanation outlining the design concept shared by all of the TRV Systems, people are realizing that for 95% of ROV operations, simplicity not complexity is the key to the future of ROV’s.

Jan 2011
Phoenix International has selected Submersible Systems, Inc. to provide ROV Inspection, Survey and Medium Workclass services on their behalf for the 2011 season. The first vehicle to be mobilized is the TRV-M, which, with its dual 4 function Manipulators, High Resolution Sonar and CP capability will provide the required Diver Support with full Inspection / Survey capability.

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