July / Sept 2011
For what has been an exceptionally busy few months, SSI has jumped from one job to another, utilizing both TRV-005's, TRV-M and the TRV-HD. Looks as though the word is really getting out about the TRV performance and reliabilty. The worked included Platform Installations, Target Recoveries for the Navy, Tendon Inspections, general Platform Inspections and Surveys.

April / May 2011
The TRV-005 and TRV-M have been mobilized to conduct Platform Inspections (Level II) through out the Gulf of Mexico, upon completion the TRV Systems will be redirected to undertake various Wellhead Surveys for the same Client.

Feb 2011
UnderwaterInterventionNOSSI is proud to announce that Montco Offshore, Inc., based in Galliano and Houston, have placed an order for a TRV-M System complete with Stainless Steel Tether Winch and 8500 Series Knuckleboom Crane.This new TRV-M System will be built into the new L/B Robert which is due to be launched later this year. We welcome Montco Offshore, Inc. as the newest member to the SSI TRV family.

The SSI TRV-M, working in conjunction with Phoenix International, have just returned after successfully recovering a Target in over 1000ft of water.

SSI debuted the new TRV-HD vehicle along with the TRV-005 at UI 2011 Exhibition at New Orleans this year, the visitor response exceeded expectations. With just a 5 minute explanation outlining the design concept shared by all of the TRV Systems, people are realizing that for 95% of ROV operations, simplicity not complexity is the key to the future of ROV's.

Jan 2011
Phoenix International has selected Submersible Systems, Inc. to provide ROV Inspection, Survey and Medium Workclass services on their behalf for the 2011 season. The first vehicle to be mobilized is the TRV-M, which, with its dual 4 function Manipulators, High Resolution Sonar and CP capability will provide the required Diver Support with full Inspection / Survey capability.



Dec 2010
TRV-005 was displayed for the first time in the Far East by our Sales / Distributors Booth (ROVSCO) at OSEA 2010 in Singapore. The interest generated was extremely positive. Due to this response, the components required to turn this particular TRV-005 into fully operational status will be sent to Singapore immediately. This will allow ROVSCO to actually demo the unit to show potential Clients the real performance of the TRV-005. Specification sheets are one thing...seeing the vehicle perform is quite another.

Nov 2010
Work has commenced on the new TRV-005 surface Control Van / Workshop to comply with DNV / Trinidad Offshore requirements. The new System is scheduled to ship for long term Inspection / Survey work in Trinidad early 2011.
It is anticipated that the TRV-005 will remain in Trinidad to service all localized ROV inspection requirements.
Nov 2010
TRV-M was mobilized to undertake CP readings on the 6 Tendons of a TLP including the video surveys of 9 Risers from surface to Touch down point in 1670 fsw.
The complete inspection / survey was successfully completed in 17 hrs of dive time.

Oct 2010
TRV-HD was used for the first time offshore Gloucester, MA, utilizing specially designed SSI tooling to disconnect a misaligned and 'locked in' Tronic underwater mateable connector from a SUTU on a PLEM, the TRONIC connector was hydraulically rotated 180 degrees and reconnected to a test cable pre-installed on the TRV-HD. This allowed engineers to conduct invaluable testing on the PLEM's sensors which was not thought possible without the cost effective approach of the TRV-HD's intervention, throughout the testing procedure the TRV-HD hovered on station in auto altitude mode.

The TRV-M was onsite to conduct the additional inspection work required by the Client. Both TRV systems operated flawlessly.

Sept 2010
The TRV-005 operated flawlessly for BGTT in measured currents of 3.8 knots conducting Inspections / Surveys on the Dolphin 'A' Platform.
Due to Trinidad's very high safety standards the TRV-005 System will be returned to SSI's facility to have a new DNV Certified Control Van / Deployment System constructed and will be returned to Trinidad for future projected work.
To quote Mr. Courtney Lange, Auditor for BGTT,"the performance of the TRV-005 was unquestionable".
The TRV-HD is scheduled to mobilize to the North East USA mid Sept.

June 2010
Currently, TRV-M & TRV-005 have been mobilized to undertake multiple downed platform surveys in the GOM with an expected duration of 60-75 days.

TRV-005 System to mobilize to Trinidad for BGTTwith the intent of remaining in the area.

May 2010
SSI appoints ROVSCO Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore as its exclusive representative/distributor for all of SSI's products and services in the following territory: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand and Vietnam.

Construction has commenced on the newest of the TRV "family", the TRV-HD.
The TRV-HD will be fitted with the standard 4-camera suite, 5 variable LED lights, altimeter, CP, high-res sonar and dual 5-function manipulators with dual 7-function valve packs and HPU's. Payload will exceed 150 lbs.
The TRV-HD will have a separate HPU dedicated to run any present day subsea tooling. The vehicle is expected to weigh in at close to 2000 lbs. with forward thrust of at least 460 lbs.

We will update as the HD work progresses.

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